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Does Premiere Elements Support 4K XAVC S files

October 21 2014 , Written by sophializhu Published on #4k xavc s to premiere elements, #Adobe Premiere Elements work with Sony XAVC S footage, #remiere Elements Support 4K XAVC S files, #Work Sony XAVC S footage in Adobe Premiere Elements, #Edit XAVC S files in Adobe Premiere Elements, #Import XAVC S videos to Adobe Premiere Elements 13-12, #transferring XAVC S videos to Adobe Premiere Elements 13-12

Summary: This guide is about how to convert XAVC S videos to MPEG-2 format for Adobe premiere elements 12/13 on Windows and Mac.

"I'm working on Mac OS X 10.9 and use Adobe Premiere Elements 12. I am trying to edit 4K XAVC S videos in Adobe Premiere Elements 12....but my Elements 12 with installed the latest updates doesn't import these XAVC S Files. Does that mean users can not edit 4K videos in Adobe Premiere Elements? Please help me to find a way to fix this problem."

Do you have the same confusion above? After countless tests and searching, I think the problem does not just lie on 4K resolution. Although Adobe Premiere Elements (12/13) with stunning features is a popular video editing software for users, the compatibility between 4K videos and Adobe Premiere Elements is still an unsolved mystery in that some persons can import 4K videos into Elements, while the others can not. The computer configuration and operation environment should play an important role on this aspect. Bypassing 4K issue, in fact, there is another problem that users need to pay attention. As far as I know, XAVC S, as a newly high compressed video format, is not supported by most NLEs, including Elements, FCP, iMovie .etc. So the first step we need to do is to make XAVC S files editable in Premiere Elements.

As we all know, Adobe Premiere Elements 13/12 can accept many video formats, such as AVI, H.264 MP4, MPEG-2, QuickTime and so on . Then to solve the problem, we just need to look for a powerful third party program to convert XAVC S videos into MPEG-2, or MOV. Here we highly recommend Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac to you which is much professional on dealing with XAVC S videos into Premiere Elements supported formats. The most attractive thing is that it can downscale your 4K videos into common 1080p so that NLEs can afford well. If you are a PC user, pls turn to Brorsoft Video Converter. Now, download the software you need and follow the guide below to start conversion.

How to Edit XAVC S files in Adobe Premiere Elements 13/12

1. Import XAVC S videos

Run the converter on Mac and click the Add Files button to import the XAVC S clips to the program.

2. Choose output format

Click "Format" drop-down bar to select a proper video format. To edit XAVC S videos in Premiere Elements, then Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas > MPEG-2 (*.mpg) is the suitable one. MOV format is the good choice as well.

Tip: Click "Settings" button to go to settings page, on which you are allowed to customize size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channel to your required ones.

3. Start conversion

After all the necessary settings, hit the big Convert button. Now your encoded XAVC S files can be imported into Premiere Elements 13/12 without any problem.

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