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MP4 iMovie Importing issue - How to Solve iMovie Won't Import MP4 files

February 23 2016 , Written by sophializhu Published on #mp4 to imovie, #import mp4 video to imovie, #put mp4 file onto imovie, #open mp4 files in imovie, #imovie codec converter, #mp4 workflow in imovie, #work mp4 files in imovie on mac os x el capitan

Summary: Can't import MP4 files to iMovie for further editing but iMovie won't accept your files? Here you'll get the solution to put MP4 files onto iMovie.

Generally, iMovie accepts MP4 movies, including iTunes MP4, YouTube MP4, some camcorder MP4 files, etc. However, still there are some MP4 videos iMovie won't recognize due to unsupported codecs. Actually, this is due to the MP4 files codec: iMovie prefer MPEG-4 and H.264 codecs instead of others. If you can't import MP4 to iMovie, you need to convert MP4 files to iMovie acceptable video files and then transfer the converted MP4 videos to iMovie for editing.

As we know, the best format for iMovie is Apple Intermediate Codec encoded MOV. Thus, you can convert MP4 to iMovie highly compatible AIC format so as to load your videos for editing. Here Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac is recommended as the best Mac video conversion tool to convert MP4 videos for loading to iMovie(iMovie 11) without any troubles on Mac OS X (Mavericks). With it, you can easily transcode MP4 to Apple Intermediate Codec .MOV, which ensures maximum editing quality and efficiency when working with iMovie. The all-in-one toolkit can also convert among all popular video format like AVI, MKV, VOB, WMV, FLV, etc. for conveniet editing and playing on Mac OS X. Now follow the guideline below, you can convert and import MP4 files to iMovie easily and successfully.

How to convert and import MP4 to iMovie

1. Add MP4 files

Run the Video Converter. Directly drag and drop the VOB files which you want to convert to the main display window of the program. To save your time, you can load multiple files at a time for this program supports batch conversion. You can also merge several files into one.

2. Select the output format

Click "format" bar, choose iMovie/FCE -- > Apple InterMediate Codec(AIC) (*.mov) as the output format. The output video can be imported to iMovie 11/iMovie 09/iMovie 08 directly.

Tip: Furthermore, you are provided some useful edit functions cropping, trimming, adding watermark, attaching subtitles for pre-editing your video files so that you can simplify your iMovie editing.

3. Start the MP4 to iMovie conversion

After all the settings are done, click the Convert button to start converting your MP4 videos to AIC MOV for iMovie. The conversion will finish soon if your videos are too large.

After the conversion, click "Open" to locate the result videos and then launch iMovie, choose File > Import > Movies..., to import the converted MP4 video into iMovie; prepare for editing. You will find that it's just a piece of cake to edit MP4 files in iMovie.

iMovie supported formats

The following formats can be recognized by iMovie: DV, DV Widescreen, HDV 1080i (25 and 30 fps), HDV 720p (25 and 30 fps), MPEG 4 Simple Profile and iSight. If your videos are in these formats but iMovie still doesn't accept them, you will need to re-encode the videos.

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Enable WMV medias work with Final Cut Pro smoothly

February 19 2016 , Written by lauralily10 Published on #convert wmv to prores mov, #wmv to final cut pro, #get fcp working with wmv files, #import wmv to final cut pro x, #convert wmv files for fcp, #editing wmv videos on final cut pro, #enable wmv medias work with final cut pro, #transcode wmv to final cut pro x, #best wmv and fcp workflow

Summary: In this article, you're learnt how to easily convert WMV to ProRes, so that you are able to edit WMV video files with Final Cut Pro X/7/6 natively on Mac. 

WMV (Windows Media Video) is a compressed video format developed by Microsoft and widely used in Windows (Windows 10 compatible). While the .wmv format is perfect for Windows Movie Maker, it's just inevitable to attempt employing WMV video files in other video editing software such as Final Cut Pro. However, since .wmv videos are native to Windows only, FCP, a wonderful Mac video editing tool, seems to be unfriendly with them. 

On this occasion, if you are stick to importing WMV video files into Final Cut Pro for further editing, you'd better convert WMV to ProRes codec, which ensures the maximum editing efficiency and quality when working with FCP 6, FCP 7 or FCP X. To be frankly with you, it's not as hard as you imagine as long as you have a common WMV to FCP converter like Borosoft Video Converter for Mac at hand. 

Above all, it is a specially designed for Mac users to convert WMV as well as other popular video formats including MKV, MTS, FLV, MOV, MP4... to FCP preferred video format, with just a few clicks while retaining its excellent quality. Please keep in mind, more than FCP, there are existing many other export options available like Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, iPhone, Samsung Tab... to meet your different demands. 

Transcoding WMV to ProRes for Final Cut Pro X/7/6 

First, Launch the Mac ProRes Conversion program; click "Add" button from main menu to browse your computer hard drive and select the files you want to convert. Or you can easily drag-and-drop files into this application for converting. 


Tip: You can check the "Merge into one" box to merge several video files together for easier editing. 

Secondly, Click "format" bar and choose "Final Cut Pro -> Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov)" as Final Cut Pro compatible codec for editing WMV files in FCP X/7/6 smoothly. ProRes 422(HQ), Pro Res 422(LT), Pro Res 444, Pro Res 422(Proxy) are all the proper choice. 


Thirdly, Tap "settings" to customize the output parameters- adjust the video size, bitrate, frame rate, audio sample rate, audio channel, etc to get a decent video for editing in Final Cut Pro. 

Finally, Click the "Convert" button to start encoding WMV to ProRes MOV for FCP X/7/6 right away. This conversion process will finish soon. Afterwards, click the Open button to locate the output files and import to FCP X/7/6 for editing smoothly. 


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Stream and Play WMV video files via Apple TV 4/3/2 on your HDTV

February 2 2016 , Written by sophializhu Published on #wmv to apple tv 4, #wmv to apple tv 3, #play wmv video files via atv 4, #play wmv videos on apple tv 4-3-2, #get wmv playback on apple tv, #convert wmv to apple tv 4 playig, #import wmv movies to atv playing, #stream wmv video via atv on you hdtv

Summary: This article shows you an easy way to open and watch WMV video file on HDTV via Apple TV 4/3/2. Just follow this tutorial to get WMV playback on Apple TV with ease.

Apple TV is a tiny digital media player which allows you to enjoy a whole world of movies, TV shows, sports, music, and more. Chances are you have some WMV videos at hand, ever thought of playing WMV movies on Apple TV with a wonderful experience of both audio and visual enjoyment? However, Apple TV(Even ATV4) doesn't support WMV video files at all. If you want to get WMV video files playable on Apple TV 4/3/2, you'll need to convert WMV to Apple TV compatible video format first. This article will show you an easy and quick way to get the job done well.


To do this, you need a tool that can read the WMV files and convert WMV video files to Apple TV supported formats. Given the top priority is converting speed and quality, here I highly recommend you try Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac, which is one of the best video encoding and decoding apps for Apple TV(ATV 4). It assists you to convert a wide range of video formats including WMV, MKV, FLV, VOB, MXF and more to MP4, MOV, M4V for playing smoothly and freely on Apple TV while keeping the original video quality. If you're using a Windows PC, please turn to equivalent Windows version, which has the same function as the Mac version.

Guide: Fast convert WMV to the Apple TV 4/3/2
Step 1: Import WMV video files to Apple TV Converter.

Launch the best Video Converter for Apple TV. Click the button "File" to add video files to it. If it is necessary, you can double click the each file to have a preview.

Step 2. Choose the output format

Click "Format" bar and turn to the Apple TV category. The program has a number of presets for Apple TV, Apple TV 2, and Apple TV 3rd Generation. Here "Apple TV 3 1080p Dolby Digital Pass-through (*.m4v)" preset is recommended.

Note: By choosing this format, you will get two sound tracks in the result M4V video, one is stereo, and the other is AC3 encoded Dolby Digital 5.1 pass-through. When your Apple TV is connected to audio receiver, the 5.1 surround sound will work. When ATV is connected to your HDTV only, the stereo track will work.

Step 3. Start converting WMV to Apple TV

After all settings, tap "Convert" button to start the WMV to Apple TV conversion immediately.

Once conversion completes, you can get the output files via "Open" panel for your Apple TV effortlessly. Now you can enjoy your WMV videos on Apple TV without any issue.

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