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How to write a CV for graduate school




Writing CV for graduate school is different from writing a  CV. You need to emphasize what matters to the graduate school recruiters. You should pay particular attention to mentioning your academic achievements. They also care about your extracurricular activities.


How to Write A CV for Graduate School

The following are the most important tips on how to write a CV for graduate school:


1: Full name, address and contact information


Write your full name in the upper left corner of the first page. Add below your physical address, email and phone number.


Make sure you don't add a weird or funny email id. This is a mistake made by many people in your situation. They put their Internet nicknames on their CV application. That's not a really good idea.


Be smart and add a simple email address in the following format: firstname.lastname@domainname.com . Sometimes is better to prevent a mistakes than to make it and suffer the consequences.


2: Your education


Mention the name of your undergraduate school. Specify the degree earned. Make sure you add the date when you started your undergraduate school and the exact date when you finished it. The major and the minor are also important to mention.


3: Employment History


Write in a chronological order where you worked, what you did there and add anything else relevant and important. Not all your employment history may be relevant to them. For example, if you worked in a field similar to the graduate school's specialization, this work experience will be particularly relevant to them.


They prefer their students to be passionate and know already many of the concepts they are going to teach. In this way, their life will much easier.


4: Teaching experience



This section is optional. Any teaching experience counts. How easy is for you to teach others is in direct correlation to how easily you can learn new information for yourself.


5: Publications


If you are a contributor to different publications, it means that you care about the subject. You are passionate and hardworking. List all of the publications where you are a contributor. Add the dates when your contribution had appeared or will appear.


6: Awards


The awards you won during high school or during your undergraduate school, tell them that you are one of the top students. You like to compete. You are also competent enough to receive prizes for your work and expertise.


7: Computer and statistical skills


No matter what field you are in, computer skills are becoming more and more popular and useful. Statistical skills are also valuable for most graduate schools.


8: Relevant memberships


If you are member of an organization in your field, it tells them that you are willing to invest more time and work harder than most other people out there. You also like to get involved which is important also important for them. They prefer students who are proactive.


9: Check out their specific requirements


Every graduate school has its own specific requirements. Based on their experience of recruiting students, they found what requirements are truly relevant for them.


A CV for graduate school is about proving that you are hardworking, passionate and you care about the courses they teach. They want students who learn fast, are passionate, hardworking and easy going. Go back, follow the above instructions and get your CV for graduate school ready in a blink of an eye.


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